Genie Jars

Genie Jars consist of our delicious cupcakes layered with yummy frosting and other flavor specific fillings and toppings all packaged in a re-sealable convenient jar! As with our locally packaged and delivered cupcakes, Genie Jar cupcakes are always made fresh using quality ingredients.

Genie Jars are shelf stable for 1-2 days at room temperature after receipt (depending on transit time). They can also be frozen or refrigerated to extend shelf life.


4oz. Genie Jars: $4.00

(Minimum of 12/ 1 flavor per 12 jars)

8oz. Genie Jars: $6.50

(Minimum of 6/ 1 flavor per 6 jars)

Alcoholic 4oz. Genie Jars: $6.00

Alcoholic 8oz. Genie Jars: $8.50

Add a Gift Box:
Inquire about styles and pricing.

Add Custom Label AND Ribbon:
$1.00 per jar

All Genie Jars are shipped Priority and usually arrive within 2-3 business days. Express shipping is available on all orders for an additional cost.

*Shipping costs include packaging materials*

Shipping cost for 5 – 12 (8 oz.) Genie Jars OR 12-24 (4oz.) Genie Jars: $15.00

Shipping cost for 12-16 (8oz.) Genie Jars OR 24-32 (4oz.) Genie Jars: $20.00